4 thoughts on “Some nice walks:

  1. Chris Dadd

    I really enjoyed reading your diary. I’m planning on doing Offa’s Dyke on the 1st Dec. Was contemplating whether I could do it in six days by combining sections? I’m training for climbing Aconcagua in January so figure a bit of pain is needed. Also considering taking a one man tent although your B&B/pub stops looked good.

    What do you think? What time did you start/finish typically? With short days of light perhaps I need to be more realistic.


    1. Tim Post author

      Thanks Chris!

      Hmmm six days would be far too much for me – 30 miles a day?! But apart from the Switchback and the Clwydians most of it is fairly easy going-ish, so it’s all down to your legs – and also the amount of daylight you’ve got.
      I was starting about 8 / 9am I think, but I wasn’t really rushing.

      Another problem might be finding places to stop further north, as villages / B&Bs etc are few & far between. Unless you’re just going to pitch your tent on the sly!

      Let me know how you get on.

  2. anna

    Hi Tim

    Anna here from the Knoydart bunkhouse(sorry I wasn’t here to meet you when you arrived)! I really enjoyed your account of walking into Knoydart, would you mind if we shared the link on our facebook page?


    1. Tim Post author

      Hi Anna – I hope you enjoyed your stalking!

      Of course you can post the link where-ever you like. Actually, I’ll be back soon in a few weeks (must remember to send the remainder of the payment to you!).

      Hopefully will see you this time – in the Forge if nowhere else! :-)


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